Gofore strenghtens offering in Germany

Internationally recognized design agency Mangodesign joins Gofore

Gofore Plc has today agreed to acquire Mangodesign, a German internationally recognized design agency. Ownership of Mangodesign (officially named mangodesign Finke-Anlauff & Anlauff GbR) will be transferred to Gofore on 30 June, 2019. With the acquisition, Gofore will strengthen its capability to serve its German clients in the industrial segment to transform their business to digital services.

Mangodesign employs 12 design professionals at its office in Braunschweig. The company’s services include user experience consultancy, user interface design, visual design and industrial design. The clientele consists mainly of industrial companies, especially in the fields of agriculture or heavy machinery and automotive. Mangodesign has operated succesfully for 25 years and has been responsible for more than 30 international patents.

Gofore’s internationalization strategy includes expanding the industrial customer base in the German market. Digitalization efforts by German companies will likely increase and investments in digital service development will remain strong. Gofore foresees a convergence of design and software development services and strives to offer its customers an integrated offering with a strong local presence.

“Together with Mangodesign we take a big step forward in Germany”, says Gofore’s CEO Timur Kärki.

The customer base of Mangodesign includes companies such as E.ON, Kuhn, Krone, Hörmann, Grimme, Volkswagen and Bosch. Mangodesign has won many prestigious design awards (Red Dot Intelligence award, German design award and IF Gold) over the past years. More than 30 international patents have been granted based on Mangodesign’s works.

“Our customers are moving into more and more digital services. Together with Gofore we can offer them a more integrated set of services, including high quality, modern software development services based on agile practices”, says Mangodesign’s co-owner and Managing Director Andrea Finke-Anlauff. “I am also happy that we can offer our employees a broader base of projects to work on and excellent professional development possibilities”.

Mangodesign will merge on 1 July, 2019 into Gofore Germany GmbH and all of Mangodesign’s employees will continue as Gofore employees. Co-owner and Managing Director Andrea Finke-Anlauff will take up the position as Head of design services and Creative Director for Gofore Germany.