CCI A3: product study

Competence Center ISOBUS e.V.

In the Competence Center ISOBUS e.V. (CCI) the companies Amazone, Grimme, Krone, Kuhn, Lemken and Rauch jointly develop innovative agricultural electronics. The main focus of their work, besides the development of ISOBUS terminals and software, lies in establishing and advancing the ISOBUS standards for the communication between tractors and trailers and also the data transfer between mobile terminals and agricultural office software.

The CCI A3 is an additional operating device with a display that can control and steer towed machinery. It is compatible with various ISOBUS devices but can be easily adapted to specific operational purposes. First results were to be presented as a research project during the agricultural trade fair Agritechnica. Feedback from this test phase was to be entered into further development.

Unser Marktumfeld erfordert ein herausragendes UI-Design für unsere Bediengeräte. mangodesign ist für uns nun seit über 5 Jahre ein echter Partner für Konzeption und Umsetzung der Bedienoberflächen unserer Produktfamilie. Besonders schätzen wir das sehr gute Verständnis des gesamten Teams für unsere komplexen Funktionen, die Termintreue und professionelle Abwicklung der Projekte.

Moritz Roeingh, Product Manager, Competence Center ISOBUS e.V.

Industrial Design


  • The requirements of numerous stakeholders need to be recognised, evaluated, combined & considered in the plan
  • Determining special circumstances within the work environment: dust, dirt, various hand sizes, readability during different weather conditions
  • Focus on ergonomics (hand rest)

In close collaboration with all interest groups, a type of joystick was developed. Due to the input of all user groups we could significantly upgrade the product particularly in the area of ergonomics.

Special feature: each company gets its own interchangeable frame for their machine which will be automatically recognised by the device. The dividers of the interchangeable frame noticeably separate the keys from each other and enable blind operating of the machine in the field. The frames not only allow tactile orientation but also determine the layout. It is possible to provide the ideal amount of keys for each operational purpose. The graphic display visualises the different functions with the help of symbols that are provided by machines through the ISOBUS. Especially helpful are the larger buttons for important main functions. In case a machine requires a large number of control elements, the buttons can be decreased in size allowing further functions to be incorporated on the same level.

Product presentation for the test phase at Agritechnica


  • Design and layout of presentation material (information material/video)
  • Supply of functional, high quality prototypes for the exhibition stands of all stakeholders
  • Development of a user interface concept and design of a sample screen for all stakeholders

Our solution

For the product presentation we made a video that not only showed the device but also explained its flexibility and new functions in an exemplary and convincing manner. With the help of the CAD data we managed to design a 3D model that could then be animated. The insertion of text and a short animation explained the features and areas of application. The video provides an overview of the innovative concept of this product study and gives trade visitors an incentive to try the product right at the trade stand.