Infotainment system

Chleon Automotive Ltd.

Chleon Ltd. develops a connected software platform for use in vehicles. The end-user product was going to be an infotainment device with a 7” touchscreen that the end-user can install into the center console to expand vehicle functions. All vehicle data, GPS data as well as connected multimedia and communication functions are located in this device enabling the use of new functions and services. mangodesign was tasked to come up with an operating concept and a user interface design.

UI/UX Design


  • User interface design that offers minimum interference and complies with current safety standards while not distracting the driver
  • Optimisation of the comprehensive function range
  • Establishment of a base for a platform that in the future can be easily extended by 3rd party developers
  • Adaptability of the graphics for brand guidelines or target group demands of future 3rd party producers

Our solution

In our first version we worked with the brand colours of Chleon Ltd. in order to achieve a neutral style base for further software development. For the following versions we put emphasis on a clear colour scheme, high contrasts, large controls and fonts that enable simple handling while driving and offer little distraction for the driver. In our second version we implemented the requirements of a Chleon customer – without having to adapt the basic configuration.

Default Version

Customer Version