Chleon Automotive Ltd.

Chleon Ltd. develops a connected software platform for use in vehicles. In this project we had to design and implement a web portal that represents both vehicle operations and fleet management for individuals or end users. The functions include – amongst others – vehicle surveillance, geofencing and driver administration.

UI / UX Design


  • Design of a website with basic functionality and operating sequences that in the future can be used for the requirements of either private or business customers and can be scaled up without any problems
  • Positioning and clear structuring of all the necessary functions
  • Clear and simple design in the style of the Chleon Ltd. and their other products

Our solution

First of all we examined the requested functions and compiled a catalogue of user elements that were necessary for feature implementation. Parallel to this we came up with a design style that suited the Chleon Ltd. and was characterised by good readability and high contrasts. We then brought these two sections together and created the necessary layouts for all functions. Based on that we compiled different versions for private or business users and optimised the interaction of the functions.