Mobile telephonessuitable for senior citizens

emporia Telecom GmbH & Co. KG

As varied as the terms for the target group of the over sixties, so are their requirements regarding telecommunications. Emporia Telecom shows great interest in their needs bringing mobile phones on the market for those who are looking for simple technology instead of a smartphone’s complexity. But this target group still has a high claim in good design, ergonomics and easy handling. The phones were also required to have good stability, be tough and fit in with the other products of their range.

Since the first collaboration more than 10 years ago, mangodesign has progressed from an external supplier to the integral component in both industrial design and user interface design. It is difficult to find anyone worldwide who rivals the team and owner’s special expertise!


Industriedesign: emporiaCONNECT

The emporiaCONNECT has a high resolution display, a camera, an integrated LED flashlight and it is – like all emporia phones – equipped with an emergency button. It was especially designed for people who want to have access to the facilities of a modern mobile phone without having to deal with complicated technology. The product and interface design of the emporiaCONNECT was optimised exactly for this particular target group.

Industrial Design: emporiaELEGANCE

The emporiaELEGANCE is a mobile phone for the elderly. It is easy to use because it has large, self-explanatory keys, a clear display with large script as well as a high quality loudspeaker.

Industrial Design: emporiaGLAM

The emporiaGLAM is a simple flip mobile phone for senior citizens. The device has an outside display that shows all the important information without the need to open the mobile. It is very easy to use due to its large self-explanatory buttons and a clear display with larger fonts.

UI/UX Design

The interface was deliberately reduced to the basic functions and graphically implemented achieving a high contrast and clearly differing layouts that make it easy for the users to interact with the device. The specially designed and characteristic scripts achieve a good legibility and the small typeface allows many letters per line. Different script sizes can be chosen.