Cardio fitness machines


For over 65 years KETTLER has influenced the leisure market with trend-setting products in the areas of sport, outdoor furniture and child & play. During the renewal of their entire home trainer and ergometer portfolio they were looking for help from mangodesign in order to renew the philosophy of the KETTLER user experience. Our aim, besides redesigning the operation sequences, was to optimise the information panels and standardise all functions and displays throughout all price ranges. Later this concept was to be adapted for other exercise machines.

UI/UX Design


  • Development of a new, consistent user philosophy & design language for all products
  • Transfer of the display and user concept onto other products
  • Optimising the displays of different designs and grades
    (premium products: full colour TFT / lower price segment: negative LCD)
  • Establish the display as the number one asset

Our solution

  • The same appearance for all machines: the silhouette of all displays immediately conveys them to be part of the KETTLER product range
  • The same arrangement and user philosophy for all machines: once you have understood the logic of one machine, you can use them all
  • Uniform design for icons and fonts throughout the display type range

Based on the requirements of different user groups we developed a new concept for the design. The biggest challenge was to implement all the functions based on the cheaper version. Following that we developed the higher quality versions that offered more potential for better display technology. Shapes and colours were brought in line with the functions and show all important data simultaneously. Our main focus was to have relatively little difference between the machines in order to maintain the feel of one product family and keep production costs low.

Graphic Design & Design Thinking: Quickguide

After successfully designing the interface in close cooperation with the programmers, a solution for a corresponding user manual was needed. As an outcome of a design-thinking workshop we concluded that a visual ‘Quickguide’ for use in distribution as well as for the private customer was the perfect solution. We graphically visualised the core features of the KETTLER machines on three cards in an iPad format that showed everything at one glance. Everyone can now step on a machine and start their perfect training session without having to read a manual beforehand.

During the next part of the project we reduced the mandatory user manual down to the most important information, simplified it by using graphical elements and translated it into the required languages.