Kartoni & Co.

Kickpack GmbH

The goal of the Kickpack GmbH is to design entertaining and exciting products that are entirely produced in Germany from sustainable resources. Their materials of choice are cardboard and paper. We have helped Kickpack to realise their product ideas and to prepare them for production. During our cooperation three products were developed: the table football table Kartoni, the table tennis table Tennino and the play bus Kampini.

Industrial & Graphic Design

After we had initially designed basic models of the individual products, a series of prototypes was manufactured in order to test and improve different product aspects like longevity, user friendliness and production effort. These tests sometimes resulted in significant changes in the development of the product.

After getting user feedback, the product ranges were further extended, e.g. in the case of the Kartoni to include bottle holders and mobile speakers.

With the design of the Tennino the user tests lead to a switch from traditional table tennis balls to lighter, larger foam balls that completely altered the dynamic of the game. The aim of the game changed from playing against each other to playing together. As a result this became the unique selling feature for the table.

Parallel to the construction we also developed marketing options for the products. These products are consciously designed to be neutral, allowing Kickpack business customers to brand the products for their own purposes with either a company logo or to have the product entirely printed to their own requirements. Private users can personalise their game experience by designing their own figures at Kartoni, by buying additional sets of figures or by painting the whole table.