LooK Watch

Laipac Technology Inc.

Laipac Technologies Canada is the pioneer amongst producers of GPS watches. Their model S 911 was already on the market before the term smartwatch was even coined. Their experience resulting from many years of product development is incorporated into their present products – always putting Laipac one step ahead of the competition.

mangodesign knows how to combine the art and the technology in a shape that will amaze you. They are detail oriented and conduct their market research when they take on a project. mangodesign’s director Marcus is always very patient and he listens to your ideas and works with you. He is not afraid to make corrections and their goal is in creating a beautiful and functional product for your customers. Laipac has worked with mangodesign for past 10 years and we trust them 110% in their capability and their commitment.


Industrial Design

The LooK watch brings together the core competences of Laipac: GPS localisation and healthcare features with the functions of a consumer smartwatch. Furthermore this watch – in good old Laipac tradition – is also a fully functional mobile phone.

Laipac wanted the visual appearance of a classical chronograph that also – through the display and the controls – puts all the accumulated functional diversity at the user’s disposal.

Different user groups of the LOOK watch were to be targeted in equal measure. Athletes, senior citizens and business men can choose from a broad spectrum of materials, surfaces and clock faces.