Lemken Digital Interface


The family owned company LEMKEN is an international leader in the specified field of professional plant cultivation focusing on innovative solutions.  Their product line includes efficient, varied and high quality technologies for the areas of soil cultivation, seeds and crop protection.

The functional scope of the machines has grown steadily and the resulting user elements were in the past simply added to the already existing HMIs. Hence operation was unstructured and unclear. A control logic spanning all machines was only partially available. The graphics originate partly from sources with monochrome displays in low resolution as well as coloured icons in varying styles and sizes. Our task was the design of an intuitive HMI with attractive graphics covering all types of machines.

We have worked with mangodesign in our hardware development as well as intensively in projects with HMI menu design. Both cooperation and communication have always been constructive and effective. Today, we can look at a menu design unified across our product lines, which is considered exemplary in the industry.

Marco van den Boom, Leiter Systemtechnik / Systems Engineering Manager, LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG

UI/UX Design

The existing basic concept was revised in cooperation with the customer, scaled down, functions were newly arranged and clearly visualised, procedures optimised and unified for all types of machines. This resulted in a high recognition value. Once learned principles can be applied to all vehicles. With respect to the location in the field including high light reflexes and strong vibrations, a high-contrast and striking icon style with the brand colour blue was developed. This way the appearance blends in perfectly with the machines and terminals thus creating a perfect symbiosis.

  • Design of an HMI that applies to all vehicles
  • Visual design and icon development, animations
  • Style guide for future development and design of additional functions and machines