Pure Symbols & WhatsApp Emojis

Nokia Corporation

From the beginning of the 1990s to the middle of the 2010s Nokia was regarded as the most renowned mobile phone producer in the world. From 1998 to 2011 the company was market leader in this field.

Our task here was to create a kind of symbolic alphabet that was going to be used whenever icons were called for. As a future firm integral part of the Nokia family this font needed to be convincing in its shapes and images. These were going to form the base for all future Nokia icons.

For their proprietary operating system S40 Nokia did not want to go without the messenger service WhatsApp, consequently allowing it to shine with its own brand. Hence an additional aspect of our work was to recreate the Unicode icons according to the Nokia-Pure-Principles adapting them to the Nokia product family.

Graphic Design: Pure Symbols


The new icons were meant to convey a continuous and trustworthy connection to the brand. During this process, a visual constant was developed across the complete print and non-print product range. As the symbols were to be predominantly displayed on digital devices, there were further requirements to be taken into consideration:

  • Depiction from the front and two-dimensional
  • A simple style that can be clearly conveyed in small sizes
  • Geometrical construction that works ideally in the pixel grid
  • Clear and perfectly balanced icon family
  • Easily recognisable and universally applicable (symbols that can be understood worldwide)

Our solution

The style of the Nokia-Pure-Symbols spreads throughout the brand including technical graphics, packaging, user symbols and online services. As an in-house symbolic font it contains 500 symbols. The most important 80 symbols are available through direct keys. Windows as well as Mac-OS are supported.

Graphic Design: WhatsApp-Emojis


  • Clear icon design: geometric forms that build upon the Pure-Icon principles
  • Development of coloured symbols with marginal colour spectrums
  • Guaranteed high recognisability and clarity on end devices with low resolution
  • All emojis within their complexity establish a well-balanced overall picture