Struhkarchitekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Struhkarchitekten are a dedicated team that develops and realises buildings with a high conceptual, architectural and technical standard.  The main aim when designing and planning individual buildings is the creation of attractive living, resting and working space. To convey this standard to potential clients and applicants was our assignment for the redesign of their website that took place during the change of ownership and the accompanying restructuring within the company. Besides showing their professional competence, it was important for the architects that the website also shows them as a team and gives insight into their work.

UI/UX Design


  • Dividing the structure of the page into 2 main areas
  • The ‘internal’ area provides in-house information
  • The ‘internal’ area can be navigated from the right border and is permanently available
  • The ‘architectural’ area shows e.g. projects
  • The starting page uses a script that randomly chooses and presents one of five previously defined projects

Our solution

We designed a high quality website for Struhkarchtitekten that works without any ready-made templates or other modular systems. According to the requirements we designed a site with the most modern and static coding. The responsive website has short loading times and hand-coded OnPage optimisation strictly following the guidelines of the W3C.