A model of a factory

Technical University Clausthal

A smart fault detection programme for Industry 4.0 developed by computer scientists at the Technical University in cooperation with the software developers at c4c was to be introduced during the trade fair ‘Hannover Messe’ in Hanover. In the future, expensive downtime due to shutdown of assembly lines is to be reduced through quick recognition of malfunctions on production sites as well as delivering recommendations for troubleshooting.

The trade fair concept included the construction of a model plant equipped with various light barriers and detectors. An app can recognise in which places a product is missing or rather where the exact malfunction happened.

UI/UX Design: Visualisation of research results in an app

Our aim was a perfect representation of the technical parts in line with the digitalisation of connected dynamic single components, instead of a rigidly planned complete system. Visualisation on an iPad or a large TV screen is fully utilised still leaving enough room for important error and status reports.

This app is convincing through a reduction of the most important elements guaranteeing quick problem recognition and troubleshooting.